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Shipping Policy

Purdin Koi Farm only ships within the United States. 

Shipping rates vary depending on the size of your koi and its box. We will contact you through an email or a phone call to confirm shipping date, box size and rate. 

We take careful precautions when shipping koi and to ensure its safe arrival. We take into account the temperature here in Glynn, Louisiana, as well as, the koi's destination.  

There is no guarantee on live fish. If a koi arrives and is not alive, as long as the packaging is dry and uncrushed, we will provide you with store credit for the full amount of the koi. This does not include the shipping cost. Within the first hour of delivery, the customer would need to provide a digital photo of the entire koi and email it to  

Purdin Koi Farm does not accept returns or refunds on shipped koi. Once a koi leaves our facility, it cannot be returned. 

All orders that are charged to your account but cancelled before your order is shipped are subject to a 10% processing fee. This is the approximate fee that we pay the bank to process the purchase and refund the purchase to your credit card. 

Please contact us as soon as possible if there is a question or concern regarding your shipment. 

Return Policy

Cancellation Policy


Whether you are having your koi shipped or you are taking your koi home with you from our retail location the packaging is the same. To insure the koi's safe arrival, we place your koi in a bag with water and filled with pure oxygen. The bag is bagged again as done in Japan. The bagged koi is placed in a secure koi shipping box. 

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