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Scott Purdin

No-One else would write this bio so I got the job...Nigel Caddock (January 2009)

They often say there is a fine line between genius and insanity, Scott almost perfectly defines this assertion. While his complex, hard won and extensive business success is important to him, he is almost dismissive of the amazing commercial success he's achieved as Scott's priorities are actually much simpler. Wife Susan and daughter Amanda being firmly top of the list, closely followed by his animals and then his genuinely unique vision and all the layers of chaos that entails.

The word unique is overused when describing talented individuals, however, in Scott Purdin's case its not only justified, it's perhaps the only one that truly describes my highly complex, special friend. His piercing inquisitive mind combines with an almost scary tenacity, a genuine warmth and extraordinary humanity to formidable effect. Scott loves all animals, especially his dogs and although not many people appreciate it, he has also produced national champion level Arabian horses, a simple incredible achievement attained by literally a handful of individuals on the planet, but what Scott's really about is his lifelong quest to produce elegant, distinctive world class Koi - perhaps his most sought after and very personal holy grail.

A single minded pursuit of quality over the last two decades that few fully appreciate and even fewer genuinely understand, has brought him to a place earned by literally a handful of individuals in the entire Koi world. The fact is, not only are his Koi world class they are some of the best of the best anywhere in the Koi world. The USA should, like a very very few Japanese Koi masters, be very proud of Mr. Purdin who has literally achieved the almost impossible, they know it and I know it, its just that the rest of the Koi world doesn't know it - yet!

Scott Purdin also appreciates more than most the importance of strong teams. That's why his Purdin team includes some of the Koi worlds most accomplished professionals:

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