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WELCOME! We are looking forward to our 2nd Annual Grow Out Event! This year we have selected 33 female koi to participate in this year's event. They are currently in a heated pond for the winter and will be moved outdoors to their grow out pond in March for a 7 month grow period.  We will harvest them in October at our Annual Fall Harvest in the Fall. 


Each koi is priced at $475. This does not include shipping or sales tax, if you prefer to have your koi shipped to you after the event. Optional insurance is available for $100. This guarantees a female koi and covers the loss of your koi while in our care. 

For our returning Grow Out participants, we are offering a 10% discount! 


The event will go live February 1st on our website for purchase and be available until the end of March. 

Follow along on our Facebook and Instagram for updates! 

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