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Maureen McGurk



They often say behind every great man is a great woman – Maureen is that woman. 

In addition to being an experienced and respected Koi professional in her own right and with a wealth of experience in a wide range of Koi business sectors, including many trips to Japan, her knowledge and expertise adds a significant dimension to all aspects of the Purdin operation.  Perhaps most important, in this her most challenging role, her organisational expertise and calming nature brings order to the chaos that  PKF would be without her influence. Combine all this with almost legendary and natural penchant and talent for hospitality, and the unassuming but formidable Mrs McGurk keeps all the plates spinning, tames and manages the most fevered of brows…..and even manages to do it with a big smile. 


If there was a secret weapon in the Purdin armoury it’s Maureen McGurk!


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