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Bill McGurk


Heading up the Purdin team is operations director Bill McGurk. Since 1981 Bill has developed his Koi skills, working with some of the Koi worlds leading companies including: Infiltration, Shirley Aquatics, Koi Water Barn and most recently Koishii.

Bill’s long association with Scott goes back to the early 1990’s and the unique combinations of skills and personalities make for some interesting interactions!  Bill has one of the world’s best eyes for Koi. This rare and significant natural ability has been refined and developed for more than 30 years with many trips to all parts of Japan.    

It’s noted by the wise that genuine success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration; this is especially the case with Koi. Bill McGurk also possesses significant and absolutely crucial mechanical Koi skills refined at the sharp end of one of the most difficult businesses anywhere. These unsexy skills are, in reality, absolutely crucial and the essence of a successful Koi farm operation. It’s no good producing great Koi if you can’t keep them alive! Bill is a master at this particular art, with a lifetime’s experience that’s resulted in an amazing Koi skills set. Finally, if you need a Koi moving Bill’s your man – he’s quite simply one of the best Koi handlers anywhere in the world!  

All these elements and experiences combine to not only render Bill the man for this very big job but by him also being universally respected by fellow Koi professionals and hobbyists alike.  

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